Just Too Busy

Posted in Warhammer on February 2, 2009 by Tien

Don’t know how, or exactly what has happened, but I’ve been rather busy. Gearing up in real life to take on some things. Schedule is looking tough. Not so much Warhammer at the moment, just slowly leveling a little Black Guard. Would like to see where it’ll go.


Upcoming Newness

Posted in Warhammer on January 29, 2009 by Tien

Mythic has promised, and has today has delivered. Call to Arms. These series of live events has a certain amount of excitement about them. At first I was not too sure about them, and how long it would last, but just the typed out posted name of the next live events makes me want to play more. Even though I didn’t really put all that much effort in to grinding influence for the very last reward for any of the previous events, I’m still excited about them.

Why? Well I think it’s because it changes the play field. Presented with a different situation in ORvR and scenarios, it’s interesting to see how it all plays out. Instead of the usual day in and out, it gets a nice kick of newness. Players who have rarely journeyed in to ORvR zone came out in zerg loads for the Witching Night kill players objective. The night that the quest came up Praag went crazy with huge zergs on each side, and the night ended with the fortress assault crashing the server 3 times.

Would like to see something similar happen, but without the crashing of course.

Better Before or Now

Posted in Warhammer on January 28, 2009 by Tien

So playing scenarios on a casual basis, I personally prefer to level quickly by quest chains and rested XP grinding, I find an interesting fact. People consistently leave when they are losing. Queue up and wait for 15 minutes or more, and finally a scenario pops. Not 3 mins in and half of the losing team has left. Making everyone involved waste their time. Before the portals out didn’t work and players were forced to stay in and tough it out. If you’re stuck might as well try to kill someone.

But now, not winning, why bother? Just take the exit and try queuing again for a winning one. I would vote it as the worst fix ever. Pressing that button to join a scenario should be like a contract for the players to play. Not to let’s see if we are winning or not, and then maybe, just maybe step out and try to be cool.

Really should just break the fix again or just punish players for ruining other player’s playing experiences. Anything from debuffs or even renown loss. Or just a message telling them how much of a coward they are. Just something.

Feelings or Fact?

Posted in Warhammer on January 26, 2009 by Tien

I thought I should comment on some older news that I found interesting. The Herald posted on Faction Populations a little while back and I did find it tickling my brain. The most notable is that the evilness of Destruction is only ahead by a 2% margin averaging all the North American servers. The point I want to pick on would be the word averaging.

The trap of statistics is that it tries to simplifies huge amounts of data and numbers in to something imprecise: words. The exact wording “Average of All North American Servers”. I assume (and assuming is always a bad thing), that they took all the percentages of all the servers and then added them up and found the mean. That is the fact then. The spread is 49% Order and 51% Destruction.

That what it is, but what it isn’t is a counting of all the players and then finding the weight in shear numbers. Second thing is that they counted “Active Accounts per Faction”, so I assume (yet again not a good thing) that it’s active accounts and not active characters on servers. Meaning… hey all those alts or tryout characters left on all those other servers you don’t touch anymore has strewed the results. But that’s part of statistics, with a huge sample population (seemingly everyone in this case) it should all equal out.

However, I don’t think that a lot of people feel like it’s a fair fight when they play. I’m glad that the Herald made a mention of that. For one reason or another, if it doesn’t seem like a fair game, people lose motivation to play. Mythic being like a gym teacher organizing students in to teams, something has to happen when the fat kid, the shortest, and the wheelchair is all on one team. Then again I feel that both sides on the server I play on has their own fair share.

Victory Conditions

Posted in Warhammer on January 25, 2009 by Tien

Some game theory for today I guess, focusing mostly on te concept of victory conditions. This is a term used used quite a bit in trading card games such as Magic: The Gathering. Victory conditions refers to what needs to happen in order to win. Simplest way to put, how can I achieve victory, what needs to happen.

In a one on one situation, it’s getting the other guy’s health down to zero before your own health reaches zero. In control point scenarios, it’s capturing points, holding them, and killing the other side. End goal being to reach 500 points before the other side does or at the time limit have more points. In the campaign, it’s capturing two fortresses, successfully take over the city, defeat two city bosses, and then finally defeat the “king/warlord”.

To help or be hindered from reaching any of those victory condition, it’s depends on a lot of things. From class, level, gear, player skill (yes I would think there is some skill in playing a MMO character), group make up, realm morale, global strategy, etc. On this side of the fence and the other. Need to start tipping the scale a bit I think.

“2” Too Used

Posted in Magus, Marauder, Shaman, Warhammer on January 22, 2009 by Tien

I’m back to taking classes and as such my playtime will be decreased… maybe… we’ll see. But anyways that means more time to blog. So continuing to the number “2” key, here’s quick run down on what it does for me.

For my Magus, clugging along just entered tier 4 a few days ago, the “2” key is bound to Pandemonium. Awesome AoE DoT that provides a huge chunk of damage in scenarios that easily puts me up as top damage dealer. Short cast time and short range makes it a slight risk to use, but it’s worth it most of the time. Combined with Glean Magic to reduce Spirit Resistance it can really start to hurt.

The shaman the “2” key is home to ‘Ey, Quit Bleedin’, the most used healing ability I use. It’s a great HoT and spammable. Finds plenty of uses in any situation. Best way to heal anything that isn’t taking burst DPS, and it’s the best way to augment something taking burst DPS.

Now for the interesting bit, for the marauder, action bar 1 actually switches around depending on what arm/mutation is currently in use. For the Monstrosity, it’s all about the Demolition spam. Even though my marauder isn’t speced or equipped well for Demo-spam it has it’s uses in PvE. Great way to do damage to multiple targets and not draw too much aggro from it. For the other two arms, Savagery and Brutality(which I don’t use anymore), Rend is placed there. General use DoT, not great but it’s not bad. Finds use for those extended PvE boss fights and efficiently uses AP. In RvR, it’s nice to leave a parting gift to your killer, or DoT up those part-runners/bomb-planters/point-cappers.

3 Set Pieces in One Day

Posted in Marauder, Shaman, Warhammer on January 21, 2009 by Tien

Oh yeah, this is what I’m talking about. Ran Bilerot Burrows twice in one day. Early in the day with my Shaman, and later my Marauder. With a whopping total of 3 pieces of Sentinel the dropped between the two of them. The beauty of having multiple 40s.

On the Shaman, I got the shoulders and the chest piece. Rather lucky for me. Out of the many times I ran Bastion Stair, and the couple times of the City Instance it was the first time I got boss drops. The run was smooth overall, did it with another guild and a guildmate. I think one of the other guys haven’t been in there before, but it worked out fine. The last boss did give us some trouble though, just having people get comfortable with the encounter and the pools.

On the Marauder, the run felt slower. Then again my Marauder’s single target DPS doesn’t compare to a Witch Elf’s. But I bring the armor, the survivability, and the utility. I got the shoulders for this character from this run, it matches nicely with one of the arm graphics. Even though I felt the run was slower, it was still a smooth run. Again we had first-timers with us, but we actually took down the last boss in one try. One of the group members actually commented in vent that it was the smoothest run of bile he had.