Better Before or Now

So playing scenarios on a casual basis, I personally prefer to level quickly by quest chains and rested XP grinding, I find an interesting fact. People consistently leave when they are losing. Queue up and wait for 15 minutes or more, and finally a scenario pops. Not 3 mins in and half of the losing team has left. Making everyone involved waste their time. Before the portals out didn’t work and players were forced to stay in and tough it out. If you’re stuck might as well try to kill someone.

But now, not winning, why bother? Just take the exit and try queuing again for a winning one. I would vote it as the worst fix ever. Pressing that button to join a scenario should be like a contract for the players to play. Not to let’s see if we are winning or not, and then maybe, just maybe step out and try to be cool.

Really should just break the fix again or just punish players for ruining other player’s playing experiences. Anything from debuffs or even renown loss. Or just a message telling them how much of a coward they are. Just something.


6 Responses to “Better Before or Now”

  1. Yeah, this is a really sickening phenomenon; I even saw one of two *pre-made* teams leave entirely, just because the other side had one pre-made themselves. And we weren’t doing all that bad either!

    People who leave scenario’s are freaking idiots. There, I said it 😀

  2. Yes..totally agree here. Leaving a scenario because your side loses is just.. cowardish and imo working against the realm.

    How can you make people play the game?! Debuffs or a lockout (30-60min) from scenarios? Turning them into a chicken for an hour?

    It’s this min/max-number-crunching philosophy that makes some people blind. Yesterday in T3 we lost a scenario by a huge amount.. but our team worked nevertheless well and I was able to get 2.5k renown and 15k exp out of this. This is something those “chickens”/number-crunchers have to realize. Even when your side loses, it’s not the end of the world.

  3. Blech.

    You should be able to leave a scenario – but it should have a penalty.

    60 min lockout would do it.

  4. im with zizak in that turning players into a chicken for say 10-15mins would be great (would need to persist through death to be meaningful). and stopping them for queuing for the same time.

    the ONLY reason ive seen which i consider a justification for this behavior is the SC was to lock a zone and the zone was locked before the SC finished and people wanted to go join the fortress assault.
    So perhaps have the chicken form removed one you enter a fortress zone which is contested.

    id love to see some sort of underdogs buff for if a side is loosing by a certain amount (lets say 300+) they get a additional bolster type affect

  5. Yes some sort of penalty should be garnered for leaving early, 60 minute lockout little harsh though, maybe a 15 one, with a nice little debuff mark.

  6. They simply need to copy WoW for this one. No queing for 15 minutes would be a solid fix.

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